Thursday, April 19, 2007

Solar Grill Now Available For Guilt-Ridden BBQers

We knew this was coming... And the ridiculousness continues.

A UK company has introduced a solar-powered grill. The hi-tech design is your basic bathroom mirror, bent at a 45 degree angle.
With forecasters predicting a long scorching summer for the UK, millions of us are expected to leave bigger carbon footprints by cooking over coals. But a new barbecue lets environmentally-conscious cooks enjoy grilling their food outside without feeling guilty about global warming.
A couple of immediate red flags: A.) What happens to my halfway-done steak tips when the clouds come barreling in and cover the sun? B.) Would anyone dare show up with this contraption at an NFL tailgate party any time soon?


Anonymous said...

These people are fruitcakes!

Candy Jordan said...

Let's have some salmonella chicken because the grill can't cook it until the inside is 165 degrees!