Monday, April 16, 2007

The Intolerance of the 'Tolerant Left' Strikes Again

The libs love to tout their compassion, tolerance and open-mindedness (usually in relation to appeasing terrorism). Obviously The Tennessee Center for Policy Research - the thinktank that exposed Algore's hypocritcal energy usage - doesn't deserve such tolerant treatment.

Here's a little sampling of the emails from the forward-thinking greenies, directed at TCPR...

"We should have flattened the South when we had the chance!" wrote Mount Laurel, New Jersey's Robert Dodelin. "If ever you confederates (sic) want to leave the Union please do. We Nothen (sic) states would love to stop having to subsidize you with our tax dollars."

"You really should concentrate on what Southerners do best," D. Hunter advised. "Sodomizing and impregnating little children!"


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