Monday, April 16, 2007

Enviro-Militant James Caroll Reveals End-Goal of GlobalWarmingism: Destruction of Private Property and American Sovereignty

Radical author and frequent Boston Globe columnist, James Carroll, lets the cat out of the global warming bag. The end-result for these enviro-militants? Well, it's what we all assumed: World-wide Socialism, the end of private property and the destruction of American sovereignty.

Nation: The United States has long refused to temper its claim to radical independence from all other nations, but that both defines the source of America's disproportionate ecological destructiveness and impedes every effort to mitigate it. There will be no stopping environmental degradation until nations stop thinking of independent sovereignty as an absolute. Climate change respects no borders.

Property: ...In families, the success of a second generation is defined only by its surpassing in affluence the first. This merciless consumption divides people into "haves," "the have less," and "have nots," but it also eats the environment alive. Sufficiency, simplicity, and a sense that the treasures of the earth are the property of all people must become notes of the new America.

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