Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dodd Calls For Carbon Tax; No Mention of Waitress Sandwich Tax

We here realize that the global warming hysteria is nothing but a ruse by the radical left for global taxation, and bigger government - bascially socialism. It is a constant uphill battle to warn the masses - many of whom view it as a harmless feel-good movement (i.e. recycle a little more, conserve a little electricity, plant a few shrubs, etc).

But sometimes we get handed the hard, end-goal evidence on a silver platter. This time on a silver waitress sandwich platter. Our favorite liberal blowhard, south of Kerry/north of Biden, Senator Chris Dodd, aka Senator Waitress Sandwich, provides today's point.

Headline: Dodd calls for a carbon tax on businesses (who'll pass costs on to consumers).

And the Dems wonder why jobs are being outsourced and consumers are being screwed.

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