Sunday, April 22, 2007

Absurdity Alert: Global Warming To Cause Gay Lizards

Pro-global warming scientists are reporting that if you microwave a lizard's egg to around 99 degrees, a male baby lizard may hatch with female characteristics... Does this explain all the gay metros on South Beach?

Nearly 100 percent of the eggs incubated at intermediate temperatures developed into lizards with genes that matched their physical features. However, about half of the lizards from high-temperature incubators had a mismatched make-up, in which genetic (DNA) males "looked like" females.


Marky Mark said...

The more these maroons post this jumpshark edotrial, the better our cause.

This is nothing but a ruse for communism.

Logan Thompson said...

If only there were some way lizards could move to a slightly cooler area. Maybe by way of some kind of... extremities, or something...

P.S. The sky is falling.