Saturday, April 21, 2007

EBay: Win A (Liquid?) Lunch With Conservationist Harrison Ford

Win Lunch with Global Warming Propagandist (and sometimes drunk) Harrison Ford.

After burning tons of fuel by JetBlueing to LAX, and then humping over to your carbon-inducing hotel via a gas-guzzling limo (or cab), you can then table up with Mr Ford for a carbon-neutral lunch. Sit down, relax and discuss how the world is coming to an end -- thanks to all the evil humans burning up Mother Earth.

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Candy Jordan said...

Sounds like a great opportunity!

We'll get Harrison loosened up with a few (pitchers) of Margaritas. Then we'll goad him into admitting that he hates enviro"mentals" and their invasion of his privacy to do what he wants on his property (i.e., Southern California).

We'll video this scene - and use it when Barbara Boxer decides to run for Senate again.