Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally, A Little Common Sense from MSM

John Stossel does a nice job of debunking some of the leftist-driven global warming hysteria.

He even points out the absurdity we linked to earlier this week regarding the indoctrination of the youth via WaPo. Here.

But here's the best grab...
In 2000, a group called Cape Wind proposed to erect 130 windmills in Nantucket Sound, off the coast of Massachusetts. I think the drawings make them look interesting, but -- horrors! -- they would be visible from the Kennedy family vacation compound in Hyannis Port. Robert Kennedy Jr., grand poo-bah of the environmental zealotry movement, is leading a campaign to ban the windmills from Nantucket Sound. The group he leads, the Waterkeeper Alliance, said it supports wind farms -- but Kennedy fights the one near his home. What a hypocrite.

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