Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hypocrisy Alert: Coupe Deval Stages Photo Op

Caddy-tooling, helicopter-riding, monster mansion-owning Deval Patrick, the over-his-head guv of Massachusetts, gets a nice enviro-PR piece courtesy of the Boston Globe-al Warming.

Patrick replaced the old incandescent bulbs in his office for the so-called energy-efficient fourescents. Natch, he did it with help of Globe photographers and youth volunteers (see photo).

"In my administration, we intend to practice what we preach," Patrick said in a statement.

Meanwhile back in reality:
Patrick owns two huge homes - one a brand new, 24-room mansion, replete with inground heated pool, and tennis courts, which required the destruction of acres and acres of trees, nature and wildife (see above). Not to mention the use of gas-guzzling construction equipment needed to build this Carbon Bigfootprint mansion.

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