Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gore Burns 1,800-plus Gallons of Fuel On Trip To Canada For 1 Hour Speaking Engagement (On Energy Conseravation)

Can these people be any more hypocritical?....

Al Gore treks to Canada on private jet. (burns 900 gallons)

Speaks for 1 hour about our need to conserve energy.

And then heads back to Nashville on private jet. (burns another 900 gallons)

Total fuel burned: 1,800 (not including his limo rides to and from airport). For a one-hour paid speech!

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Anonymous said...

Albert obviously doesn't believe a damn thing he says about the "climate". His actions show he believes the exact opposite - which is at least rational.

So, follow Albert and me. We both believe the climate change story is complete nonsense.

You should too