Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Global Warming Cools...

The nutcakes are once again redefining their propaganda talking points.

April snowstorms across the country, along with one of the coldest Mays in history will destroy even the most well oiled propaganda campaigns, I guess.

In case you haven't noticed, global warming is now out. Climate change is in.
Climate change" is a much better term because much more than warming is involved, although the changes first begin with the globe's average warming. This average warming can cause changes in patterns of rainfall. It can lead to more snow piling up in places such as Antarctica and Greenland, and it can even include some parts of the Earth growing colder.
This allows for an all-encompassing media onslaught. A warm December? Climate change. A cold spring? Climate change. Presto. No more embarrassment of "how's that global warming thingie coming along?" snide comments when it's snowing in April.

And now here comes Global Cooling!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember the howling from the Chicken Littles in December when it was possible to wash your car in New Jersey in shorts. Like that has never happened before in the history of the world - or at least in the past twenty thousand years or so when the climate actually changed because of the Earth's position relative to the Sun. (The perihelion of the Earth in its orbit advances in periods of about 20,000 years and that is the only event known to change the global climate.)

Now the communists are certainly not going to back off their idiocy because of arctic winds across the US in April. They will still find some way to blame civilization for it.

How anybody can listen to these losers is beyond belief. The Russians and Chinese look at the West and laugh. They spent decades under the weight of Communism. Now it is their turn to dominate the West with economic power - because of the Western hatred of science and reason. It makes me sick